Edinburgh Lectures in Language Evolution

Edinburgh Lectures in Language Evolution

The Edinburgh Lectures in Language Evolution are an annual series of lectures surveying the state of the art in our understanding of the origins and evolution of language in our species. Each year, we welcome one or more distinguished visiting speakers to deliver lectures summarising their own work and where they think the future breakthroughs in our understanding will come from.


A colourful stylised graphic created by Glasgow artist Fran Caballero. Two human figures are looking up at three frames on a green wall. The first frame contains the text ELLE 2002. The second is a collage of music, a city skyline, a book, food and drink, and Bayes' Theorem, with a large brain in the middle. The third frame contains a grey head looking left.
Artwork by Fran Caballero

For the 2022 edition of the Edinburgh Lectures in Language Evolution, we will be virtually welcoming four speakers who will deliver talks on the first four Thursdays in June, from 16:00–17:30 BST. This year’s confirmed speakers so far are Ev Fedorenko (MIT), Tom Griffiths (Princeton), and Asifa Majid (Oxford).

Inspired by the format of last year’s Birmingham Lectures, each event will begin with a virtual talk by one of the visiting speakers that showcases their research. The talk will be followed by a panel discussion between all four speakers, after which the audience will have an opportunity to join the conversation.

Registering for the events at the links provided below will give you access to the Zoom details when they are published. More information to follow.