Graduate and postdoctoral positions at University of York

The Department of Psychology at the University of York is seeking two full-time researchers (one graduate and one postdoctoral) to work for three years on a new project funded by the Economic and Social Research Council, awarded to Professor Gareth Gaskell at York in collaboration with Dr. Jenni Rodd at UCL. The project will examine the role of sleep, plasticity and memory consolidation in the comprehension of language.

Specifically, the research will assess to what extent sleep and memory consolidation underpin our ability to communicate effectively in conversational settings, assessing three possible aspects:
1) The refinement of the mental representations of words to ensure optimal future comprehension.
2) Tracking the linguistic events that are referred to during conversation, facilitating effective dialogue over a range of time-spans.
3) Identifying and maintaining speaker-specific preferences in the way language is used.
A range of methodologies will be used, including web-based and in-lab research, plus recording of sleep using polysomnography, sometimes overnight.

Please see the following links for further details and how to apply. The closing date is the end of July.
Graduate job
Postdoctoral job

Gareth Gaskell
Department of Psychology
University of York
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Office: Psychology, E209
Phone: +44-1904-323187
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Jul 31 2020

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