PhD Contract – Meaning-based approach to locality constraints: empirical and theoretical perspectives

Meaning-based approach to locality constraints : empirical and theoretical perspectives
Call for Phd candidate Université de Paris 2021
Ecole doctorale Sciences du Langage 622

Project: Meaning-based approach to locality constraints : empirical and theoretical perspectives
Where: Laboratoire de linguistique formelle (UMR CNRS 7110) Université de Paris and Department Brain and Cognitive science, MIT, Cambridge Mass., USA
Advisers:  and  in collaboration with Gibson Edward
Application website:
Deadline: April 9th 2021
PhD Contract:

  • 42 months starting September 2021
  • About 2000 € / months
  • At least 2 month stay in the secondary lab (MIT)
  • Intensive graduate training in experimental linguistics 
  • At least 3500 € for running experiments, attending summer schools and international conferences, open access publications
  • Intensive classes and invited lectures at Labex EFL 
  • Candidates with a master degree (or equivalent) since less than 4 years
  • Not more than 12 months stay in France during the past 3 years
  • No prior Phd registration

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Mar 29 2021 - Abr 09 2021

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