Psycholinguistics webcast about garden-path sentences

The Cycle Linguists (Mara Breen & Brian Dillon) are thrilled to announce a psycholinguistics webcast (hopefully the first in a series) on Monday, 6/22, at 1pm EDT.

Yujing Huang (UC Davis) and Fernanda Ferreira (UC Davis) will present their recent work on garden-path sentences, followed by discussion with Patrick Sturt (University of Edinburgh) and Maayan Keshev (Tel-Aviv University).

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Lingering misinterpretations of garden-path sentences: incorrect syntactic representations or fallible memory processes?

This research examines the level of representation that is responsible for misinterpretations of garden-path sentences. In two experiments, one using eye movement monitoring and the other using self-paced reading, we combined reading measures with an offline comprehension task which enabled us to conditionalize reading analyses on correct versus incorrect question-answering performance. We observed that, on both correct and incorrect trials, subjects succeeded in locating an appropriate antecedent for a reflexive pronoun, suggesting that the syntactic structure was intact following reanalysis. From this result we conclude that comprehenders’ misinterpretations of garden-path sentences are attributable to fallible memory processes.

The event is finished.


Jun 22 2020


All Day

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