3 year PhD studentship at University of Nottingham’s Hearing Sciences

Applications are invited for a fully funded 3 year PhD studentship based in the Scottish Section of the University of Nottingham’s Hearing Sciences department, located in Glasgow. Please could you please share this with any students that are relevant?

DEADLINE: 29th March

This PhD will investigate how people’s ability to make predictions when listening to speech relates to their physical behaviour in conversation. It will take typical lab based measures of prediction during speech listening (e.g., a visual world paradigm), explore ways of measuring predictive behaviour in conversation (such as anticipatory head turns or gaze to a new talker, smooth turn-taking etc), and investigate the link between the two. The student will study both normal hearing and hearing impaired participants in different acoustic environments. These experiments will be carried out in our specially equipped laboratory, in which several people can hold a conversation while their body and eye movements are tracked, and the student will be trained to use a range of relevant experimental techniques. This PhD falls within a larger research programme investigating prediction and hearing loss, with the ultimate aim of understanding the basis of social difficulty to develop hearing technology able to help.

Applicants should be a UK national and have an undergraduate degree in Psychology, Hearing Sciences or a related subject (relevant Master’s
degree will be an advantage). We are looking for a strong background in research methods (multi-method experience will be a bonus) as well as a
keen interest in speech and communication.

For further detail, check here

Informal enquiries may be addressed to the principal supervisor: Dr LaurenV Hadley ().

ADAS: Accesibilidad y comunidad Sorda

ADAS, Investigamos y transmitimos la lengua de señas
2020 virtual

taller: Accesibilidad y comunidad Sorda
Comienzo: noviembre.
Lunes 19 a 21 hs.

Lunes 9: La accesibilidad, conceptualización desde una perspectiva de derechos.
Lunes 16: Accesibilidad efectiva
Lunes 23: Accesibilidad y la historia de la comunidad sorda
Lunes 30: testimonios relacionados con la accesibilidad, barreras sociales, accesibilidad laboral y educativa.

Taller bilingüe,  LSA- Español.
Cuenta con Interpretación LSA-Español
Subtítulos en español en vivo.

Informes e inscripción
WhatsApp 341 217 1139 (Mailén)

Vacantes limitadas

ITN eLADDA PhD in Atypical Language Acquisition

ITN eLADDA PhD in Atypical Language Acquisition

ITN e-LADDA is offering a 3-year contract to complete a PhD at the Universidad de Sevilla on language intervention with deaf and hard-of-hearing persons in digital contexts. The specific project is ESR10: Using text-message to teach vocabulary to deaf people: A way to improve reading comprehension.

Applicants may come from a wide range of fields, including Psychology, Speech and Language Therapy, Linguistics, and Education. You may see the eligibility criteria here. Experience in working with the deaf community will be valued, but is not required. Candidates with a motivation towards language acquisition in typical and atypical development, and intervention in digital contexts, including those without specific experience with deaf individuals are encouraged to apply.

Deadline: 10th September

You can see more about the project here.

Escuela de maestros – cursos online

Ya está abierta la inscripción a las propuestas del 1er bimestre destinadas a docentes de la Ciudad e inscriptos/as en el Sistema de Clasificación Docente. Son gratuitas y acreditan horas cátedra.
Cursada: a partir del 13 de abril
Inscripción: del 26 de marzo al 6 de abril de 2020

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